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Walk the walk or talk the talk … the choice is yours!

EXPERIMENT # 2 based on the LSR approach has been stopped

This site is for those of you who are prepared to put in the effort

to make a difference … a difference to your life and to the lives of others.

What is the difference between an interest and a commitment?

 With an interest we make excuses; with a commitment we accept no excuses.

Again the choice is yours!


Do you have what it takes? Would you spend a couple of hours a day x 6 days

a week for about 15 months to learn ?   Without trading?

Without knowing the outcome?

This choice is also yours








Learn how to improve your bottom line results

. You will find totally unique ideas about life in general and ...

the markets and trading in particular …

Should they be of true value, benefit and validity

they will gradually appear elsewhere …

only time will tell!


Watch 5 hours of CyberTutorials featuring my L.I.V.E.T.M. approach

as well as a real money, real time commentary ... and more!

You are invited to come along for the ride …

destination unknown.

* The only two things guaranteed in life are death and taxes!

Hence Caveat Emptor as losses are also a reality of life.


With respect to the indigenous of the Americas