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Ivan Krastins has been conducting his specialized courses on analysis and trading of the financial markets since the early 1980's.  His courses, workshops and in-house real-time trading programmes have been attended by market analysts, fund managers, private investors, stock and futures brokers and banks, as well as traders from around the world.  Todate, he has presented his various courses and workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA and even in Vanuatu.  They have also been used by organizations such as the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore, the Securities Institute of Australia, and the Sydney Futures Exchange.

In the late 1980's Ivan, as a consultant to the Sydney Futures Exchange, designed and conducted courses on how to become accredited in the futures industry, on options and futures trading, on risk management and naturally on technical analysis and trading systems design.  The Securities Institute of Australia (to become the Financial Services Institute of Australasia) invited Ivan to conduct his already established course on Technical Analysis from 1988 to 1990 under their umbrella.  This then morphed into the Diploma of Technical Analysis.  In 1990 Ivan became a founding member of the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA), was the first editor of their newsletter and a very regular contributor.  He presented his trading ideas to their members around Australia for many years and in 2005 was a keynote speaker at their annual conference in Perth.

From 1991 to 1994 Ivan presented his workshops in Singapore through the Institute of Banking and Finance.  He also conducted real-time in-house training to brokerage houses and banks in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong as well as consulting to Reuters and Knight-Ridder.  Asia Business News featured Ivan on several television programmes on Derivatives, Technical Analysis as well as the Barings incident.

Click here to view a couple of the programmes featuring Ivan on Asia Business News, with an audience of 30 million.

Further recognition of his knowledge and abilities came when he was invited to be a keynote speaker by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) at their annual conference in San Francisco in 1995.

After being featured on the cover of Your Trading Edge (an Australian trading industry magazine) in 1996 Ivan retired from conducting his trading workshops around the world and by 2002 finally settled in Vanuatu.  There he is still involved in the markets trading, writing and conducting his unique L.I.V.E.T.M. programme to only a few like-minded people each year.  L.I.V.E.T.M. distills some of the many and varied concepts contained in  Listen to the Market into 12 setups, each with their own black and white requirements.  These are then combined with entry, exit, position sizing, campaign and money management routines to become a robust trading approach which can be applied to the FX, the futures or to the stock markets.  They can be applied to intraday views or daily, weekly or even to Hybrid Fractal Charts (HFC).

Ivan's highly acclaimed book,  Listen to the Market,  was published by McGraw-Hill in 1991.  "It is the most comprehensive explanation of technical analysis we have seen to date.  The clear, lucid style makes the book not only easy to read, but simple to refer back to as a reference document" is how Mr David Stewart (National Sales Manager, AAP Reuters Economic Services) described  Listen to the Market.  The late Dawn Bolton-Smith, a thirty year veteran of the markets and former vice-president of the ATAA wrote: "There are bigger, fatter and glossier books that might attract you, but for quality of content and clarity, I believe Listen to the Market is the best book of its type yet produced. I regard Ivan as the top educator not only in Australia, but also in the Far East."

His book went on for five print runs and has been used as a text book at universities in Asia and Australia.  Currently it is only available in electronic format.  Listen to the Market II  was produced in the early 2000's as an interactive e-book (due to OS changes in the last 15+ years this is no longer available).

Other writings that Ivan has penned include:  Making Options work for You,  The Psychology of Trading, How to Protect yourself against Market Crashes.  There are also scores of his articles on topics such as Using Orders Correctly, Compounding and Money Management to be found in the journals of the ATAA.  He has produced a number of CyberTutorials that are as valid today as they were when they were first prepared 20 years ago.

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One of the more surreal experiences in life is to read about yourself in another person's book.

Ivan is one of those rare individuals who has experienced that.



“The man from the publishing house drove me to a bookstore in downtown Brisbane. They had a sign with my name in the window and a table in the middle with a stack of my books. I was signing books and chatting with the staff when a tall, slender, broad-shouldered man walked in, his white mane flying behind him. He put out his hand, grinned and looked familiar, but I did not recognise him until he said, “Singapore.” Ivan, of course. We had met in Singapore in 1996, where I taught a course, while he consulted in a bank ..."

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  • spencer says:

    Hi Ivan,
    Are you marking any new video that you are putting on your web sit.Can you let me know thank

    • Ivan K says:

      Hi there and all the best for 2016.

      Last year my adopted country … Vanuatu … was hit by a Cat 5 Cyclone named Pam … still recovering from that … so no plans for any new videos at this stage … I have enough on my plate with 2 students just in their final stages.

      You can catch me on SkyPe (ProfitFromPatterns) as an easier way to communicate.

      Cheers for now,
      Ivan K