Acronym City

Every field has its own language, almost like a secret language designed only for initiates.  Pass me the Number # 10   says the mechanic ... throw me that 4 x 2 (outside of USA)   says the builder ... where is the USB   asks a computer person etc.  So too in the world of L.I.V.E.T.M.  Woopsie ... old habits.

L.I.V.E.T.M. - Look Investigate Verify Execute Time/Trade Management - this is a life-skill process that I adopted in my teenage years for most things that I do.  Later this naturally evolved into a formal process of trading the financial markets around the world.

This page will assist you in learning what all the abbreviations stand for!

It needs to be stressed that each term has very specific definitions, as opposed to the more generally used meanings.



EM - Entry Mechanism

T'tool - Timing Tool

OC - Open - Close

BE - Bullish / Bearish Engulfing

KR - Key Reversal

R - Reversal

H / SS - Hammer / Shooting Star

PP - Pivot Point

EF - Elasticity Factor

SU - Setup

Su - Surrogate

GC / BC - Good cop / Bad cop

AA - Aggressive Ambush Ruleset

TDR - Top Down RuleSet

CT - Coat Tails Ruleset

BBR - Bread and Butter Ruleset

SR - Sniper Ruleset

LSR - LifeStyle Ruleset

P - Promise of higher Highs (Pu) or Promise of lower Lows (Pd)

3S - 3 Spike

TT / STH - Trend Trade/Staircase to Heaven (Hell)

RT / RTV / RTVc / HRT - Retest / RT variation / RTV concept / Hidden RT

RPW - Reverse Point Wave

3MT - Three Mountain Turn

3D - Three Dimensional

S3D / C3D / SBS3D - Spike 3D / Colour 3D / Side-by-side 3D

FO - Fakeout

GO / GORB - Gap Open / Gap Open Real Body

IP / IPO - Inside Period / Inside Period Outside Period Inside Period

SL - Stop Loss

ISL - Initial Stop Loss

TSL - Trailing Stop Loss

SSL - Staggered Stop Loss

BESL - Break-even Stop Loss

TBSL - Time-based Stop Loss

ATSL - Aggressive Trailing Stop Loss

PRSL - Protect R Stop Loss

OPu / OPd - Outside Period up / Outside Period down

SL - Spike Low

SH - Spike High

VSL - Valid Spike Low

FM - Fluid Movement up (FMu) or Fluid Movement down (FMd)

VSH - Valid Spike High

VST - Valid Spike Trend

SmR - smaller

LgR - larger

EOD - End of Day

CM - Campaign Management

MM - Money Management

R (factor) - The percentage of your account that is risked on any campaign

PAR - Pips at Risk

N(I)S - Natural (Idealised) Sequence

EF - Efficiency Factor

CF - Confirmation Factor

GAF - Give Away Factor

Where this Acronym City does get interesting is when you have combination setups such as FIP (Fakeout followed by an IP) or a FOG (Fakeout plus GO on the same bar).  This will keep you on your toes!

If I have missed any, please drop me a line.