Bread & Butter Ruleset (BBR)

This is a very laid back application of the 12 L.I.V.E.T.M. setups, Campaign and Money Management approach.

At its core is the 6 hr view which means only looking at the market just 4 times per 24 hour day.
These, for me in Vanuatu, are 11.00 am, 5.00 pm, 11.00 pm and 5.00 am.

Lifestyle-wise this works for me … how about you?

Every 6 hours or so, there will be an update on the current position (if any)
as well as rundown on any new setups or opportunities.

As no positions are generally held over the weekend, each week will start afresh.

The two main FX markets that are followed and traded are the EurUsd and GbpUsd pairs.
This makes it very easy to apply the entire L.I.V.E.T.M. approach!


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