Fade the paper!

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Just 9 days ago the markets rallied on news ... news that the Fed would keep the current status quo going. The chart below graphically shows you how accurate my reference to fading the paper was in the article The Powers that BE.

Of note from my side is the textbook FO at the top four days ago and
the Natural Sequence of the L.I.V.E.T.M. setups performing!

The Size of Money

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Whilst this is not original, I thought this may put things into some sort of perspective for you and maybe even raise an eyebrow or tow.  I came across this years ago and alas I do not recall where I found it. Thanks and apologies to the original author.


All notes in the USA are the same size, which makes it tough for those who are sight-challenged.

10,000 US dollars made up of one hundred 100$ notes is only about 1/2 inch high or just over 1 centimeter.

As such it could quite easily fit into your jacket pocket just like a small paperback book.


A regular shopping bag is large enough to hold 1$ million (just 100 bundles of the one above).


A pallet such as you may see at the docks or behind your supermarket is just about 4' x 4' or just over 1 meter x 1 meter.

Stacked up to just above waist height (for most people) is enough for 100$ million.


Take 8 of those pallets and you have 1$ Billion (American as opposed to the French billion).

This is still not enough to fill one shipping container.


You can barely make out the man standing in the diagramme above.

The pallets are now stacked double and extend for ... I'll let you count!


That is the SIZE of



March 6th: Bread & Butter

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