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5+ hours of material for you to study and absorb


In this ever expanding section you will find scores of CyberTutorials, some open to all, and some reserved for L.I.V.E.T.M. students, showing you how to use the setups and apply various Campaign Management concepts in real time.

The brief description of the contents of each CyberTutorial gives you an idea of what each one is about.  Grab a pencil and paper ... click the button below ... I almost forgot ... close the door so you can concentrate on the content!

As much of the material may be new to you, I urge you to take your time, take notes, re-watch and re-watch and then look at your own charts through new eyes!

You will find so many handy hints, ideas to pursue and great practical ideas you can apply to your own trading that you will find yourself spending a lot of time digesting each and every CyberTutorial.

All the CyberTutorials are in High Definition so make sure you maximise the screen to see all the points mentioned in the detail that they deserve. When you have finished watching and studying a CyberTutorial return to this menu to make your next selection.

Alas at the end of each tutorial the screen offers you other videos and we have no control over what they may be.
Please resist temptation and retain your focus on your goal of becoming a successful trader!


CyberTutorial # 1
After showing you how to set up your screen for the Top Down Approach (using 60, 30 and 15 minute charts),
you are taken through a sell campaign in the EurUsd. The top features the idealised Natural Sequence of L.I.V.E.T.M. setups. Ivan takes you through the entire process and you will see how to apply it in real time. (5.54 m)

CyberTutorial # 2
Using the AA Ruleset can allow you to capitalise on the other market players being caught
offside and  needing to run for cover. Just this one concept alone could save you from having unnecessary losses, especially if you are a swing trader. (5.56 m)

CyberTutorial # 3
The VT (Von Trapp) is a nice setup, although it is not part of the 12 L.I.V.E.T.M. setups. It does present opportunities that may not be caught by the formal setups. This CyberTutorial also introduces the concept of a Promise bar in markets.  They have about a 70% probability of success on the very next period. (6.31 m)

CyberTutorial # 4
The story of the classic OP.  Seen by many, recognised by few and understood by even fewer. The OP is part of the language of the market and conveys a very reliable message for future price action. It is used to help you to determine whether probabilities favour taking buys or sells when a setup does come along. This CyberTutorial introduces the concept of using the message from the previous day for intra-day trading on the following day. Almost like having a glimpse into the future or a probable future. (7.26 m)

CyberTutorial # 5
Many traders, especially starting out, get caught out when news announcements and figures are released. This CyberTutorial deals with just that. It looks at what setups were present before the figure came and how you could use this concept should you want to take advantage of the strong movements that tend to accompany figures being released.  The concept of believing what you see as opposed to seeing what you believe is discussed as well a brief history of the L.I.V.E.T.M. approach. (6.31 m)

CyberTutorial # 6
This tutorial shows you how listening to the market really can assist you to bank R's with ease. Despite the previous day having designated this day as a sell day, the AA Ruleset presented a buy first. Markets are dynamic in their movements. The market did rally and this lead to a sell. Both campaigns allowed a profit to be taken. Whilst the concept and role of gaps in markets is briefly mentioned, this does not diminish the importance of the message from gaps. Bar by bar management shows you what to do when according to the L.I.V.E.T.M. ruleset. (10.28 m)

CyberTutorial # 7
2 buys and 1
sell (9.02 m)

CyberTutorial # 8
GORB leads to +6R for the
day (4.09 m)

CyberTutorial # 9
A top that was not meant to be.
Can't win them all. (4.21 m)

CyberTutorial # 10
GORB sell gives
4R. (5.31 m)

CyberTutorial # 11
Setups and
CM on daily Gold futures. (10.59 m)

CyberTutorial # 12
Applying TDR outside
the Optimal Time Window. (8.01 m)

CyberTutorial # 13
More L.I.V.E.T.M.
goodies (11.16 m)

CyberTutorial # 14
S3D and GORB
gives 8R. (7.41 m)

CyberTutorial # 15
Hold Roll
Fold (3.49 m)

CyberTutorial # 16
13R (6.49 m)

CyberTutorial # 17
Quiet day's
insights (8.18 m)

CyberTutorial # 18
provides some answers (10.48 m)

CyberTutorial # 19
7R from 3D
plus some CM ideas (6.39 m)

CyberTutorial # 20
Buys before surprise
rally in EurUsd (11.42 m)

CyberTutorial # 21
Wrong and still
make 1.72R (4.17 m)

CyberTutorial # 22
3S catches rally
to 2012 highs (10.15 m)

CyberTutorial # 23
SBS buy
6R (9.44 m)

CyberTutorial # 24
again (9.46 m)

CyberTutorial # 25
Advanced CM
concepts (8.29 m)

CyberTutorial # 26
3R versus
2R adds up (5.22 m)

CyberTutorial # 27
3S sell leads to
potential 4 - 12 R for 1 campaign (4.56 m)

CyberTutorial # 28
day (6.17 m)

CyberTutorial # 29
Rolling up
to 3R (7.10 m)

CyberTutorial # 30
and YOU (7.57 m)

CyberTutorial # 31
Reak money
update (9.12 m)

CyberTutorial # 32
7R (4.54 m)

CyberTutorial # 33
4R x 2 E EM (7.31 m)

CyberTutorial # 34
Language of the Market
Reak time update (7.57 m)

CyberTutorial # 35
L of M 10R (11.51 m)

CyberTutorial # 36
Combining rulesets can improve the Dependency Factor,
which in turn assists in harnessing the power of compound. (9.42 m)

CyberTutorial # 37
More than 6R was possible in just 2 days
using a combination of 6 hr and 3 hr charts. (10.37 m)

CyberTutorial # 38
Simply following the process for one week applying the BBR produces 10R.
This shows you what can be achieved in a relaxed fashion. (11.00 m)


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