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ARCHIVE of running commentaries

Read the latest trading thoughts and ideas as The Experiment continues. You will see the L.I.V.E.T.M. concepts being applied on various timeframes in the FX markets, as well as topical concepts as they arise.

The commentaries will include insights and finesses into the methodologies employed by students and operators in The Experiment.


The Art of ORDERS aka The Forgotten Art of Orders

Whilst most people, at least initially, focus on just where to buy or where to sell, a working knowledge of the different orders that you can use in the various markets could even help you structure a trading approach.

There is a section on what you can do if you get a fill that seems way out of line with the order.  The explanations provide real market examples of the pitfalls of some of the orders.


EXIT Strategies

When flying, every take-off is optional but every landing is mandatory. Trading is not dissimilar.  You have the choice as to when to enter a market, but at some stage you will have to exit that market. Either with a smile on your face or otherwise.  Best to plan your exit and check your parachute before you board that plane!


Anatomy of a CAMPAIGN

This article focuses on applying the BBR approach using the L.I.V.E.T.M. concepts. The market is the popular EurUsd cross in the FX markets.

It shows you how structured the approach is and what needs to be done both before and after a campaign is started. It covers just one day in the market.



Trading is an ongoing tussle between the buyers and the sellers. A very common way that people determine their action points is simply to buy at the High + 1 tick or sell at the Low - 1 tick.

This is a totally unique way of letting the market tell you where to buy or where to sell. The  Elasticity Factor can be used for your Entries as well as for your Stop Losses.  No trend-lines, no indicators, no vague patterns to look for, no complicated Elliott Wave Analysis ... let the tussle between the buyers and sellers tell you where to place your buying and selling orders!

Includes a 45 minute chat with Ivan to answer your questions!


The HYBRID FRACTAL chart approach

Why look at the same view as everyone else. Why use the same timeframe chart as your opponent?  See a very different picture and stand to get a jump on other traders.

I started using Hybrid Fractal charts back in the 1980's to trade the Australian Share Price Index futures market. They work today just as well on the global futures markets and the opportunity-filled and volatile FX markets.

This 20 page article also shows you how HFC's can be used with various indicators.

Includes a 45 minute chat with Ivan to answer your questions!


UNCOMMON signals from COMMON indicators

Both the RSI and the MACD indicators have been around for more than 30 years.  They are used by thousands of traders globally and by and large traders act on the same signals.  This creates a bunching of orders which can lead to excessive slippage as people rush to buy or sell based on the same interpretation.

This 17 page article shares with you ways of interpreting the RSI and MACD in uncommon, yet effective ways. This provides you with more opportunities that are not seen by the majority of traders.

When combined with HFC's  you get to see a whole host of unseen opportunities.  An idea well worth checking out.

Includes a 45 minute chat with Ivan to answer your questions!


The STORY of one operator in The Experiment

Follow the experiences of a student before he discovered the L.I.V.E.T.M. approach through another student.  You will read about the financial and emotional roller coaster he endured during his early days of trading.

There are parts that you will probably relate to and other parts that you are yet to experience. If nothing else this article may let you know that you are not alone!

We all, mostly, walk down the same road in search of success in trading the markets.


The birth of one RULESET

This article shows you how you can take one part of the L.I.V.E.T.M. approach and devise a simple stand-alone ruleset that may have an universal application. The data is based on work done by a student as part of his learning curve.

You will see how, by taking the time to understand the meaning and implication of just one bar, you can be play the markets without making it too complicated.

It does not need to be complicated to be effective!


Dealing with SELF in the equation of success in trading

It is widely recognised that emotions often make the difference between success and other than success in most things. It is certainly very true in the highly leveraged FX and futures markets.

Discipline is another commodity in short supply in the world of speculation. This article looks at what you can do to achieve your goals and hurdles you may have to overcome.


How to avoid making the SAME mistakes

You are not the first to discover the markets.  Others have walked down the same road as you are currently on.  This offering may save you some heartaches.

It may also give you some ideas on what you can and perhaps should do.


How EFFICIENT are your entry and exit rules?

There are many ways to look at the results of any set of rules.  Most focus on things like the amount of points won, (or the number of dollars made), the strike rate, the drawdown, even fancy terms like Sharpe Ratio.  This simple idea will allow you to instantly assess how well any entry and exit rules take what the market offers.


More BANG for your Bux or Euros

This concept allows you to increase your potential returns whilst not increasing your risk. Easy and simple to apply. This one idea properly implemented can make a dramatic difference to your (and my) bottom line. A natural match with my Hybrid Fractal Chart concept.

Seems too good to be true?  Read on.


The Powers that BE?

This rather topical article looks at who actually 'sets' interest rates in the countries around the world.  You may be surprised to learn and see that it is not who you may think does.

There are urban myths about most things that catch the unwary!



Another application of the Strategic Approach to using the L.I.V.E.T.M. setups. This can be a way trade the markets via options and not be very labour/time intensive.

Not for the trader who is looking for instant gratification!


Another way of view trading RESULTS

Rather than looking at the dollars of profit or the pips or points made, this approach allows you to easily see how the results would impact your trading account and your risk tolerance.

The R-factor - an idea that makes life easier for both of us.


Flat to stack or round to go around - the SIZE of MONEY

A visual experience of what is, or may be, or you would like to be, in your bank account.