Contents – The Experiment

You will find many articles and CyberTutorials chronicling  The Experiment  from the very early days of putting the rulesets together and the logic behind them to establishing with the operators  which rule-set suits their abilities
and psychological make-up best.

You will also see the different stages  The Experiment  goes through and
some of you may want to join in.




Rule Based Trading (RBT) Approach

This is the cornerstone of all successful traders over history.  Without rules there can be no long term ongoing success.  One off 'lucky' outcomes do happen ... seldom!


The R-factor

This is a novel way of measuring the results of any set of rules.  It allows you to quickly calculate the effect it would have on your personal trading style (risk tolerance) and the size of your account.

This is the way all results are measured and presented in  The Experiment.


Order or Chaos

Is there a Natural Sequence or Order in the L.I.V.E.T.M. setups that occurs at market tops? Does it also occur at bottoms? If there is, how can you use that?

Can this help you with your Campaign Management?


L.I.V.E.T.M. and Le(t)go

The 12 setups are the building blocks, Campaign Management provides the framework,
whilst the Money Management concepts add strength.

You can create your own, unique and personalised RBT
by adding your imagination, perseverance and energy.


Money Management I

Money Management (MM) can really make a very large difference to not only your bottom line result, but also to the path itself. MM deals with such aspects as position sizing, compounding and which markets you trade.


Money Management II

There are several simple practical and easy to implement concepts that you could apply to your own trading.  Correct MM can actually make a difference between ending up with
a profitable and a losing year.


Fishing in or Milking the Markets

Any particular setup can be applied to any number of markets and time-frames.  The choice is dictated by your goals, your risk tolerance as well as your time and energy quotient.